Linux network interface without addresses

I’m using Suricata in IDS mode running on Ubuntu Server 14.04 to watch network traffic at my home network edge. I wanted to use a spare network interface but not give it any IPv4 or IPv6 addresses at system startup time. After several false starts, I finally came across the combination I needed to ensure it was up prior to Suricata starting.

Here’s the contents of the /etc/network/interfaces file:

The secondary interface is the one used for Suricata, and is connected to a switch port mirror.

The interface still declares an IPv6 link-local address. I have not found out how to prevent that.

I did run across quite a few Linux-related articles regarding /etc/network/interfaces configuration, but most of these were either not applicable or somewhat dated. Using ifup and ifdown commands in verbose mode shows what commands are actually being executed.

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